Common Name(s): Schott's Agave, Shin Dagger, Amole
Origin: Southwest USA (North America)
Size: 1' - 2' h x 1' - 3' w
Type: Cactus (Drought Tolerant)
Light: Full Sun to Half Day Sun

This Agave is perfect for smaller gardens. Elongated grass like leaves can reach up to 2 foot in height and width. Hairy filaments on the leaves will protect them from hot and cold temperatures. Slow growing but will multiply itself over time. Mother plant will bloom and die once the plant reaches the age of 10 to 12 years. Extremely drought, frost and heat tolerant. Good for hillsides, xeriscape and container plantings. Prune old leaves to shape. Divide pups out over time if desired. Bloom will attract multiple birds.
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